Freedom, what a word.

It is so obsorb. 

Freedom in a filter, perhaps so.

Some however, will not let the filter go.

Afraid to let the scars show,

Afraid to be less then pro.

Freedom, it is only an expression.

Constantly people are always stressin'.

I chose to walk alone.

I chose to make this place home.

I will not fear the thoughts of others.

I will look at you like sisters and brothers.

I need my freedom more then you.

Yes, right now, I believe thats true.

To live in fear is a trap.

Do not live this life needing a map.

I am human just like you.

However, I don't allow my fears to control what I do.

I chose to have courage and be honored in a way.

I have my serious moments but I love to play.

So stop being a coward that loves to hide.

Stand up smile, be yourself, have pride!


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