You take a pic

Selfie Sunday, right?

Adding the right light makes us tight, right?

Standing by the window to get a glow in our eyes 

Smaller thighs

Bulky guys

The magazines feed us lies that Hollywood dictates what's "in"

What's now? What's new?

But what they don't ask is: Who are you?

They could care less who we are as an individual

But we have a soul

We are more than a #mcm or a #wcw

We are beautiful

In our own way, our own style

No filter or photoshop could change that

It might take time to figure it out, just a little while

Look in the mirror and smile

Be confident

Will they reckognize you in person if your selfies are coated with generic colors?

Don't try to blend in with the others

You. Are. You.




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