The reality is that life isn't fair.

You will never always get what you want,

And you will eventually come across a couple hundred bad days.


We make wrong choices on a regular basis

We get rejected

We have regrets

We overthink the smallest things

We trust the wrong people

We get stabbed in the back by the people we thought we were so close to

We cry ourselves to sleep

We lose our loved ones before we even realize we love them

We question our worth and purpose, and then lose confidence


But after rain comes a rainbow... right? 

Sometimes our storm can last several years

We are then hesitant about going foward in life

And although it may seem like forever in the moment,

Your sunshine and rainbow will be that much bigger and brighter

You want to think that if you cross your fingers and hope,

You'll be fine


Truth is, you're 18.

You haven't even lived a quarter of your life.

In fact, your life is just getting started.

So, have hope, make good choice but also take risks, and live your life.

Don't listen to anyone else on how to live your life because you'll be the one living it.

Live life with the goal to have minimal regrets and 'what ifs' when you're on your death bed.


That F you got on your calculus test?

It won't matter in 5 years so why are you so worked up about it right now?

It's a done deal, accept it, move on.

Your life is too short to worry about things you can no longer control.

You'll eventually meet your fate,

so keep your head up, don't waste time, trust in the world

And make good karma happen.


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