Filterless Lifestyle


A filterless lifestyle is a seductive one
Everyone confused on what I've become
Shrug my shoulders no tea so I chew my gum
Press calls from my followers inquiring what I've done
They ask the filters name, I tell them i used none
They stared back at me dumb 
But that's how #nofliter sort of begun

Some used it and lied 
Adding filters two at a time 
Fronting with features they're trying to hide
Thought they were slick because of their pride
Used the hashtag but it doesn't apply 
And I'm just sitting here wondering why
I could comment but I just let it ride

Some thought no filter meant natural
But they still had makeup on #factual
Photoshopped their flaws away #magical
Took a picture of their pet #animal
Used an awkward angel #lateral
Didn't include their face #casual
But few were just themselves #actual

Seductive because everyone wants to live it
Squeezing but they just don't fit 
Filterless please it rarely exist
Masking yourself everyday to maintain bliss


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