A Love That Will Last

When her daughter was young the mother called it a phase,
“This horse obsession will be lost in a few days.
The wanting of a pony and to ride is the new craze,
But at the end of the day my daughter will think she was just in a daze.”

Although, there are some girls that see a horse and it will stick,
The bite from the horse-bug was only a pin-prick.
The fever will grow and suddenly it will click
That horse back riding isn’t a phase; it’s a clique.

After a few lessons over some weeks and months her daughter loved it,
She learned the meaning of saddle, bridle, and bit.
Then it came time for her first show and her eyes lit,
Because what’s better than a blue ribbon to boost the daughter’s spirit?

Years later after many lessons and shows, the daughter will hope
To look at her first horse at the end of a lead rope.
Unfortunately the family just can’t cope
Because owning a horse would put them in a terrible financial slope.

However the family can afford leasing a horse,
The daughter thought it was the best thing, of course!
Riding a horse named, Pops, would loosen her remorse
From then on Pops was the happiness source.

So she goes back to the barn to continue riding,
And then it’s been revealed that her trainer has been hiding
A secret that she is leaving and retiring.
A new state is where she will be residing.

So off to a new barn the family goes,
What the future will hold nobody knows.
You could say it’s a new start, I suppose
Because from then on greatness rose.

However, there was one more terrible thing that happened.
Pops was now up for sale and the family grew saddened
Because their lease with Pops came to a dead end.
The daughter felt like she was losing a friend.

Now eleven years have past.
By golly, they went by fast!
That little girl is now seventeen and her memories are vast,
But she has a love with her horse, Pops that will always last.


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