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If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you? Millions are jumping off a bridge in the pursuit of convention and normality Normality is a dangerous expectation of society
Once there was a time When I couldn’t walk So I crawled When I couldn't talk So I babbled When I couldn’t read So I imagined
Your mind is like a garden You can grow flowers or you can choose to grow weeds    She amazed herself at how far she had grown From the soil, she tended and not always with ease 
As a little girl, I always had trouble forming close friendships. Maybe it was due to my inherent shyness, but two or three buddies were the cut-off for the fellowships, because of a strange shortage of kindness.  
 Above His head he raised his hands, out of Fear, he cries don’t shoot  Resolute In his decision, but no lawsuit I can’t breathe Underneath The pressure of their skewed beliefs Walking at night with skittles and a hoodie Duly Noted, that soon he W
For a long time I didn’t know— like I had over my eyes a large blindfold, some cosmic joke I still pay for —but it turns out I don’t quite fit the mold, any mold. In some other life the person 
Six years old Running around chasin’ after boys Free spirited & high on life Lots of laughs & lots of noise
I grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning while eating cereal but so does everyone. Right? I used to ride my bike throughout the neighborhood with my bestfriend but so does everyone. Right?
A bildungsroman, From child to woman.   When did hide-and-go-seek On playgrounds and Yelling “cannon ball!” Into meadow creaks Become too childish?   When did asking for dollars-
In elementary school, I gained so much knowledge about all the rarity in the world. Alphabets, elephants, and fractions. No matter
An ugly egg A newborn angel A sigh All enter a room Unidentified, unsocialized Yet the air closes in, closeting hearts Fury, Confusion, Ignorance run in Crowding the virgin
Being the oldest of three gave me the unspoken job   To be their guardian angel and hold them when they sob  
I had to move on. In order to grow up, Cause from that damn couch Daddy never stood up.   I begged him to play For just a half hour,
There are defining moments In which you feel Propelled or pushed to success. These moments drive you To keep living, But what about the moments
When I was young I was given everything  I thought that even though things don’t come for free They’d still be cheap As I got older I realized 
Realization hits unexpectedly in a point of life When there’s little of play time and, chill time is a waste of time… Time. It is of the essence of something so beautiful, precious, and sacred
she was with child.  a mild shock went up my spine fallowed with sickening realization. degeneration of my own life had begun. anyone could have seen it coming but me.  she was silent. while I fell into a violent void. humanoid, less than human.  
Shy, curled-up, shrinking, minimizing  Please don’t notice Pangolin arms clutching The Complete Works  High school is hard for the meek Everyone looking 
Ever since I can remember my grandmother would take me and my sister to the fair. Those rainbow rides rolled into Henry County once a year.   My grandfather would volunteer to work it, 
growing up is not the fairytale  i was led to believe it would be.  from a young age i was force-fed fables of fetching  prince charmings and sparkling  white horses and a pristine life 
They wish to ignore our bodies laying on the ground They ignore our screams as if we  were clouds Just carelessly going about their day
An angel they called the princess, even scarred she was perfect. Whenever she stumbled, cuts and scrapes blemishing her wings, they clamored around- "Where does it hurt?" She would point at her arm, leg, face
She was fearful of the crepuscule, The shadows that danced through it. Its wicked chased her all around; At club, home, and school.  
Standing alone, In a universe full of clones, It was not until I joined gymnastics, That I took a leap entirely on my own.   Standing alone I learned grace, Not how to chase,
Nothing quite hit until I lost my uncle, R.I.P, then I lost my aunt, death was going on a shopping spree A year after that I lost another uncle too, I didn't understand the concept of death from their point of view
I grew up,  learning that there was more to life,  than sitting down watching sonic on saturday nights.  I grew up,  at the age of 10, when father thought he should play pretend,
Life is a series of little moments Strung together like pearls on a necklace All adding up to a significant change— There is no single point, no pivotal event
Reach out                                                                                                                            And grab the sun                                                                                                  
Grew Learned Overprepared Underestimated Performed
Was free as a child Until I went to high school Now I am no child
We all must grow to glow, And growth is dynamically required for one to mature into the person they are meant to be.   Before my injury, I felt dysfunctional.
When you are young, The world is pure and clean.   You are free from problems, And it feels as though the world is at your feet.  
A house of sorrow and empty roomsSo much loss, pain bloomsAnd there was no one there, From our sacrifice, they say, we will get rewardsDrunken screams rattle the floorboardsAnd there was no one there,
The oldest child is the first for everything The first to give up their toys because somebody wants to play with them The first to give up plans because of course your the babysistter
Sometimes I wonder If I ever was a kid. I'm no Benjamin Button, sure And I've not toiled like so many others had to But I've had my own struggles, too. Sometimes I wonder 
Slow and steady Soft and sweet Things are calm And I'm calm Focusing on the now The future The past   But things are catching up Faster and faster
Mama told me to prepare for war But how do you prepare when you can’t see the enemy How do you sit in silence for so long How do you ponder over what everyone must carry
In the basement I swung from the light cord, that hung low, and swept the floor. It’s in front of the balance beam I flipped off of, before Mom could see and yell, “Get off the couch!”  
Life is fleeting, but death can remain. When our favorite flower withers, what are we to do? “Embrace it” they say; no truer words can they spew.
You are done, you are through, And it is time that you move on. These thirteen years flew, And it feels that everyone is gone.   Friends come, friends go, And people change.
The road that lies before you is winding,  with both good and bad turns and time to spare.  Despite the bumps that you will be finding, people that you love will care to be there.  
Old joys where gone. Old dreams vanished Old friends drifted Old memories seemed like the only reminder of who I am   New hobbies became comforting
Old joys where gone. Old dreams vanished Old friends drifted Old memories seemed like the only reminder of who I am   New hobbies became comforting
    To the Girl I Used to Be You thought that to fit in meant to let other kids bring you down.
    To the Girl I Used to Be You thought that to fit in meant to let other kids bring you down.
Howling, wailing, squawking, squealing. Countering the caterwaul, words amiss, brain bleeding, reeling, peeling at inconsistencies in language, finding a fault in their armor. Build an argument of assemblage
I started out as any child would Disobedient and misunderstood Disobedient to the voice inside my head that told me I was enough  Misunderstood by the people who said I did too much
To be 18 and clueless goes hand and hand with growing up. To be 18 and clueless is to sometimes be embarrassed when someone asks what your major is, and you don’t have a clear-cut answer.
When do you grow up and what’s its result? Better question, what decides that you’re an adult? Some people say paying taxes, getting your license, finishing school… …drink at the bar, be in the jury, or finally move.
It's kinda funny it is,Was never really a wiz,But now that's how it is! I could have gone for less,My brain could be a mess,Now way I want the best!
Oblivious to things that I may         have never seen Clueless to those that didn't    speak for multiple reasons     Now as I approach this     New age and new season 
One day you’re 5 Heading off to school For the first time And your biggest concern in the world is Who is going to play with you On the playground
One day you’re 5 Heading off to school For the first time And your biggest concern in the world is Who is going to play with you On the playground
Ring ring at the start of the day. Morning, time for me to wake. Turning, 5 more minutes I wait.   Knock knock, get up, get ready. Father, I was just resting. Yawn yawn, I sit up start walking.
Growth comes with questions. Questions follow with answers; however, not all questions are meant to be answered. "Did this always taste this good?" Yes, it did. I grew.
if there’s a record for crying my mom’s coming to take it because my dad wants love and what he has with my mother ain’t itthis is the man i looked up to
He was confused and in pain From the malady in his brain. He had no idea it had been there all along. I realized that I needed to be strong.
Observing  Gazing at others through an eyeglass Each life as intricate as my own I wonder, If I had never flown Would I have ever known?   As passersby scramble I continue to gamble
A lucid brisk wind overcame me as I waited on the curb of what seemed to be a florid hospital to me at the time. As my sister was loaded into the wheelchair days after brain surgery ,
The more you know, the quicker you'll be to realize that you don't know anything at all.For every sunrise, the sun is destined to fall.Hah, but isn't that so obvious?
I'm alright… That was what you told me You always said that I'd be alright… But that was before you left   Things only got harder from there
My love is like a rose When given, it works like magic Beautiful and bloomed But when it dies, my love becomes tragic Heart broken and misspoken
I suppose, The moment I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore, Went a little something like: “you cant call out of work just because you’re sad” My face planted firmly in a pillow,
I used to think I’ve felt the depth of depression, But I never actually have Until now. Its an overwhelming sadness, Almost painful. Actually, It is entirely painful. So lonely, Consuming
And That’s the Tea: Reality I always imagined what college would be, but never expecting what would become of me The money never lasted long
Do you know what it’s like  to feel lost?  Like a ship in the sea  caught in the midst of a storm with no way to navigate home? Do you know it’s like  do be so certain you were doing the right thing 
Experience with someone who is a liar Will always make my heart burn like fire I can't imagine why someone would do such a thing Not understanding what kind of circumstances lying may bring
For every wish you make It costs you a little bit of hope Once hope is lost...  You’re left with only you So you lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling 
From the prompt I got ramblings I can't contain Smile straight through the pain For me to obtain Happiness is as realistic as trying to gain
  Many people have prejudices That start out from childhood Not just the hurtful kinds But ones against new things Things they did not grow up with or were not used to  
I started as a young girl,  wondering what I would do with my life.  Would I be a doctor, a teacher, a crazy scientist? Would I be a writer, a lawyer, or a real estate agent? I started as a young girl,
My father was born and raised in the small, rural area of Moncagua, El Salvador
Quiet as mouse. Afraid to speak my mind.  Looked over and undermined as if I was invisible, non existent.    Intelligence, beauty, grace, Powerfulness, kindness, Feminism,
She's going far and i don't mean a "two hour drive to a different city" far i mean a "seven hour flight across the country" far but She chose this on her own  
She's going far and i don't mean a "two hour drive to a different city" far i mean a "seven hour flight across the country" far but She chose this on her own  
There’s a lot you’re wrong about.
She was young, determined, naive. shy, yet eager to please.   She was  little with a big heart brave with all the scars to prove it, because in her little mind she had nothing to loose.  
Tears couldn't stop the fireExplainations couldn't win the caseThe wise intution warned me about this...I was sent away  
Twenty-one years old throwing my life away. Roaming the streets with friends: Running, but staying in place.  Where do I go from here? They smell nothing but fear,  and because of that,
When I was young Mama said I “got a light, Let it Shine.”   I was bright and optimistic, But darkness crept in my mind.
The words I say aren't of a victim, They're words that need to be shared. The tears I shed aren't of fear, They're tears that wisdom made clear. Make no mistake my intention are true,
There is an irony in these words for sure, When I am a teenager who is known to be mature. I have not stated that I am an adult and can do whatever I want like others,
Being a kid was elementary Inviting everyone to your anniversary A couple of passes for being fussy A few free passes for being bratty   Branching off to a new school Power went to those who were cool
Playing with my bathroom toys To learning to be poised Building a livingroom fort  To flying alone at the airport Searching for shells on the beach To giving my classroom speech 
I had nightmares for weeks and months,
I am still a child, Inside a women's body, I still need my mom.
An ever impeding question Ringing through my heart And into my mind Waiting for my ignorance to depart And the truth to emerge   Am ever impeding question That the answer will bring--
  Perhaps, as a infant, we are all the same, Wriggling in linen as we are given a name, The same chubby smile that once graced our faces Looked upon all the same.   Such was my story, and then I was 5,
My mindseet is nothing that can be changed If I make a bad decision, I will not change My stubborness will not change If I lose my friends, I will cry, but not change My way of choosing will not change
Rushing, rushing, rushing the current in my mind a constant reminder of the light I cannot find. Freezing blue water, turns my heart cold my pack has forgotten of the "I love you's" I once told.
I remeber the days distant, as if in a haze I remember the feeling  gone, but still healing I remeber the panic  the seeminglingly never ending manic I don't remeber when it happened,
What they don't tell you about growing up is that you sometimes have to do things alone.  Once you turn 18, it goes from "honey, how can I help?" to "Well, figure it out you're grown.".   
He kissed me He took something A first of many Something I followed with a smile To mask my fear   I didn’t feel any different But I knew Something was different  
A Child. Nothing more and nothing less, They always said simplicity is best. Raving dreams and great adventures, That now lay lost within the pictures.
Naive Trusting Ignorant   Pretending that the voice attacking me Was only the soft utters of a friend  
I used to think that if I sung to the rain it would go away Ending my already bad day Of having to stay indoors and listen to them argue I used to think that If a boy calls you names that means he likes you,
   Shining new souls, delicate and bright, Disfigured and mangled over time.      A mother, dependent, oozes her insidious defects unto them, awakes the next day, oblivious and ignorant.      A father,
  because im scared too i remember you told me when we were at K'OOK last Tuesday night and i wanted to say me too
I bury myself in multiple layers of clothing. White jacket over white raincoat over white t-shirt over white lifevest. The crowd can’t see me when I’m snuggled in all this fabric.  
And there she stood. Her bright eyes clouded with storms, Her arms hugging herself as if to stay still, As if to remind herself to be anchored As if to tell her to let go. She hung her head low,
I remember the time five of my friends and I used a monitor as a karaoke machine and blasted high school musical songs so loud that we could be heard from the streets below. We had colorful strobe lights going from
The old sneakers in the garage    The old school artwork against the wall  My old toys, old memories.  Seeming to be drifting away from me. It is all starting to feel like a mirage  Every second, every day 
Keep moving. Never quit.  The keys to success. Don't be discouraged by people who think you can't. Believe in yourself and you can succeed. All you have to do is be constantly moving, pray, and always dream. 
Settling misconceptions Leaving the tensions Done with the one sided two sided war I surrender.   With unclenched balled fists, I praise. 
Little Miss Perfect curls into herself She smashes her sandcastle to rubble once more Again, again, again she’ll try.
There comes a time in everyone's lives They start anew And rebuild their ideas of what is true Us as kids, we’re all  to trusting
He was just a babe Yet I could count his ribs Head flattened from orphanage cribs   He stared at me I shrank away in fear Wishing his image would disappear   He remained real
when i am six there is a princess, a prince, and a villain. one beautiful, one brave, and one bad.   good beats evil,
It was like waking up. Like everything hadn’t been real before. The daze of childhood, Of comfort, protection, and sheltering, Of a primitive sense of control even, Vanished.
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