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It took me a long time to realize that sometimes you have to completely fall apart to beome the best version of you, And that even though you try so hard to control it, there is only so much that you can do.
You gave me wings, and broke them. Then begged me not to fly. you might not have caged me. but you taught me not to try.
and she flew. flew out of her cage far out into the clear gray skies. where she was flying to, she had not a clue. but all that mattered was that her wings carried her through the air,
It began with wings, leathery skin of a night dweller. Hiding in plain sight under the veil of darkness. It could not live nor die, it only was. Coated in toxicity and bathed in the very blood that worshiped it.
Icarus, A little boy, One day wished For wings to fly. Daedalus loved him, Far too much To tell him no. So, made him  Out of metal things, An airplane that gleams.  
they say he died of drowning because the wax of his wings melted. but that isn't true. he died from the cold. the ice gripped and clawed at his wings weighing them down
All of a sudden you’re falling   You’re running a marathon, free like a bird, but then all of a sudden you’re falling.  
And I’m back, once again at the drawing board. I know life’s a rollercoaster And I’ll have bad days, But I always find myself back here; Come with a headache, Write with a heartache
Oh! How I long to soar On gilded wings forevermore But stuck I am upon this ground My feet crunching, making sound  
Two waves in the sea  Two branches of the tree  Two wings of the bee  These are you and me     In everywhere I go  I keep your love to gr
The Eagles, Hang Still, In the Wind, On their Wings.
One dayA girl was flying, with wings made of dreams. She crafted these wings one day.
I wish I didn't dream so big The ground is a hard place With only blood and melted wax wings To cusion the fall  
Life is something very valuable and precious that could be sweet or much tremendous to the mind of whomever  the only one chance that is given positivity and negativity could be the source of driven
You want me to go far, aim for where I cannot see To see me happy with who I am and the direction I am headed You understand what I contribute to this world while I cannot
With                                                              Without Wings                                                           Wings You                                                               You Can be
You open the door and into the wild you go. All you can hear is noise, Noise mad by fans and announcers. Its a Thursday night and you came to eat all you can. I see a man approaching me in gray, yellow, and white.
There are dark days ahead they said to me as I sat in a room A room full of white that had just brought bad news I struggled to understand how to go from here Is it true? I asked my eyes full of fear  
And for the fleeting moment In which your eyelashes grew As tangled roots -- blooming Amidst and within my own -- The feathers of swallows burst From the blades of my shoulders
Imagine this: Life in the dark,no sound and no action.Static in safety and peace of mind,but you can't feel, you don't do.The darkness too consuming,you can't even take a breath.
Slowly it flows through my veins Slowly it propels my desire As the passion that laid dormant Once again ignites   You won't go anywhere, they said
She led the mortal lifestyle trying to know what's cool  Carrying feelings of littleness she learned from school  She packed her bags and mapped out all her goals and moves  Now she's living in the bath house; her whole soul consumed  
Living without learning everyday would be crazy, If it was gone we would all seem lazy, It means so much in life because it is the only way, The only way we know how to do besides pray,
Sometimes you just wanna fly away but your wings are stuck And arent ready to blossom so your stuck, stuck in reality somewhere you don't wanna be But you put up with it because it isn't a fairytale so you ask yourself why
Chrysalis dance around, Never mind the change you've abound. Orange burning bright with passion; Black delicately laced for fashion. Wings look able and ready to fly Through the forest passing by.
I think there are times
I don't know why I like the things I do,I especially don't know why you disapprove. The moment I smile and claim my happiness,
Without filters I fear for my mind  and the tricks it plays on itself all the time Without filters in which I see the world My eyes would see opportunity everywhere and not just the beaches,
I am the cup of ramen noodles I keepforgetting to take out of themicrowave. I am the orange juice that spills on a fourteen hourinternational flight. I am the mint plant on the windowsill that only thrives
Wings, born with them but always kept pinned. Never able to truly live.
I am not a perfect angel
What am I? A person? Or something more? In the darkness, I see the light arise. The battle is won,
O Muse, take pity one me! For I cannot retell half as well as thee! Daedalus, Daedalus, creator of many the glorious thing, Daedalus, Daedalus, the one who gave Man wing, In Crete, that wretched place,
I love you with a love not unprofound But so gentle, tender, kind That when the full force hits you You don’t move an inch.   Like a gentle breeze it lifts your hair And its tendrils make you smile
The peddels to the bike were stiff because of that cold morning  Gears groaned as the wheels roatated, stuggling to find its rythem I was behind my friends,  but then again I was always behind my friends.
6:10 a.m. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. The outside looks flawless. The inside is trapped. She walks into the bathroom, she looks into the mirror, she sees the same thing.
A Cardinal Sings With soft red wings Such happy things Underneath the shade of a tree Right now he only sings to me!
     Finding Wings   I met you when I was scared, when I felt lost and alone, But you helped me learn, and now that I’ve grown,
Her wings carry her, Over the past and present, Into the future   What has come to pass, In triumph and in failure, Shall not come again   They do not falter,
The fallen angel which Has Fallen grace into a new world of tragedy.. Her hair Black as the stormy night Her eyes blue as the ocean's water Her skin pale as the winter snow
This is the land I walk uponEntranced by its natureI heard the rain fall
Children’s cries calm her pounding heart Pangs of travail drain from their raw start At last love manifests in blood-flushed flesh Spirits sparkle in the commitments made fresh  
When young you're taught not to fly beyond the edges of the nest so you spend so much time just wondering what's outside? Buildings are made to contain us only giving us glimpses of what's outside
I wish I listened. My only escape is here. This paper has wings.
Pajaro de mi alma Ten alas y vuela Estas libre Estas lleno de esperanza Dejame en paz Porque tu libertad El batir de tus alas En el aire libre Es mas importante
You love me,I know it,Are you scared, angel?You love me,
Locked and trapped,
almost fell face-forward had they not held us back, crying because it hurt and made our bodies ache,
Give me hope Let me be a beautiful flower that blooms from the ashes of an un-privileged past Give me hope Let me feed from the opportune victals of a chance for higher education Give me hope
An angel flew up up heaven today she almost took my breath away eyelashes curled, lips so red she brushed a finger on my head An angel flew up to heaven today flying with wings as bright as day
Spread your wings and follow your destiny. Open your eyes and see the reality. Close your eyes and see what could be. Flap your wings and fiollow the path. Evolve into a beautiful butterfly. You've crawled low and miserably for too long.
OutsideThe entirety of my resolve runs with the river of tears thatTrickle, thenAfter a brief moment of suspenseBreak free, carvingCruel lines down my ravaged cheeks, a howling flood letLoose. My eyes are
Shielded By My Winged Love             When days fall down             Your knees cry             Your arms weigh you down             Let me hold you            
I don't understand why you turn backs on friends. First you tell stories using my name,Just so you have someone to blame. Then only after you make all these harmful jokes,It's my self-confidence you've begun to choke.
  You only write once slam
I am a punk rockerRocking out to the drunken moon. I am the moon drunken on the everlasting plea for the sun's rays to shine on him. I am the super sun shining for a day that never ends.
Scream and shout Breathe in, breathe out
Potential.  A simple word that overwhelmingly carries the weight of Life. A simple word that was repeated in my head, yet I did not understand what it meant. I did not see what it meant.
The sun shows throught the leaves,
Lets fly away to a paradise of peace. Lets go there and escape our reality. Forget about those who hate to see us together. We are in love. We are one. You are my other half. The stronger one. Lets go somewhere full of sunshine.
Give me wings and I will fly away, Forget all my cares of yesterday, I know now that it will be ok, Because you've given me wings to fly away.
I envy those with wings The ones who know the beauty of a sunrise The ones who see the clouds spread out across the sky Like the sand of the ocean floor I envy those with wings For they can see the sky
When I dream, I dreamed of taking flight.  My Wings clean, pure and free. I was so free...  I could fly as high as I wanted to and I wasn't afraid. I felt like I could conquer all; overcome any challenges ahead.
Life. Wrap me up in it. Feed me it by spoon. Or drown me in it. Just, leave me to submerge. I'll be fine. Just...Let me be. Let me live.   I'm under lock and key,
  We were made to be different. We were made to stand out. But sometimes life is hard And we just want to shout. Sometimes we want to scream from a rooftop. Other times we want to lock our doors.
In education, there lies miscommunication,  misinformation, and misinterpretation-- for bright-eyed students lose their naivety and become hard, cold, and cynical; like the ones that teach.
I did not stare because I sought your glance upon my face I did not ask so you could tell a lie with such disgrace I did not seek you out to find a empty soul so deep
What does it mean to be free? Free is when you're allowed to do as you please.You are given the privilege to be who you decide you want to be.But are we really free?
Freedom is - to each his own - to some the wings to fly from home to soar the sky in search of the rumored happiness freedom is.   The choice he has to spread his wings
(1) Wings that soar,        (2) Wings colored with beauty,             (3) Wings so delicate, so fragile.      (4) Wind blows setting the wings off course,          (5) The wings try to fight the wind,         (6) But the gentle wings lose the bat
As long as the sun shinesAs long as these words remain mineI can live off of pork and beansWhen you look in my eyesWhen I writeI'm living my dream
High school is over. Spread your wings and discover What your life could be.
No such thing as heroes No one to save you this time When you fall no one is going to catch you this time When you jump You are going to have to learn how to fly
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