I did not stare because I sought your glance upon my face

I did not ask so you could tell a lie with such disgrace

I did not seek you out to find a empty soul so deep

The dreams you hide from my reach, are what i want to keep

Within you lies a great disguise, the world may always see

I will not leave a soul like yours to wither at my feet

How did I know that you did hide a secrete so discrete 

How did I know, how did I know, an answer you may come to seek

Until the day that you decide to leave and fly with wings

Until the day that you decide to shed your skin of disbelief

Until that day, you will stay and wither at my feet

A fate so worse then death itself, that demons bare there teeth

I do not mean to make you scared or disgraced at what you've been

My only wish for you, is that you don't feel incomplete

So let me in your head and let me see your dreams 

Let me help you soar and help you find your wings




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