Icarus' Airplane Wings

Icarus, A little boy,

One day wished

For wings to fly.

Daedalus loved him,

Far too much

To tell him no.

So, made him 

Out of metal things,

An airplane that gleams.


Icarus was happy,

As he flew high

Into the sky. 

His loving Father

Told him gently,

"Please don't fly too high.

This plane is new,

And so are you.

I don't want you to die."


Icarus replied, 

"Don't worry Father,

I'll be fine."

Little did he know

That would be

The last time,

He would ever get to see

The Father,

That set him free.


The moral of this tale,

Is sad but true. 

Don't wast the life

In front of you.

For you never know

How things will go.

And eventually,

You'll be set free

On your own

Airplane wings.


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Our world
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