This Note is Locked - Wings

And I’m back, once again at the drawing board.

I know life’s a rollercoaster

And I’ll have bad days,

But I always find myself back here;

Come with a headache,

Write with a heartache

Leave with repaired wings,

And then I fly-

But I’ve been here enough to know that I won’t fly straight.

No one does

I fly up and down;

I fly too close to the sun and I clip the trees.

But at least this place has taught me that

We’re meant to have wings;

They help us go beyond this home,

This world;

I’ve given myself these wings,

This place has given me wings;

And like everyone else

I cross realms,

My soul travels

And when I’m stuck

I consult myself and this home;

And I fly to the sky

And back to myself.

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