Trapped by the Wings


The sun shows throught the leaves,
lifting the lids of our orbs.
We sit beneath the sleeves,
quiet as we absorb.

Our minds gathering together,
slowly and quietly at first.
Our thoughts floated like a feather.
We did not feel cursed.

We sat up in a flash,
realizing our fortune.
We felt a lash,
the night before our doom.

We called out for more
as the crazed fought on.
We had ran from the gore,
until the last was gone.

Awaken we did, we admit,
in a peculiar cell.
The young having a fit,
their cries a soft bell.

We flew to the sky,
the branches trapping our wings,
supressing our tired cry.
The pain we feel as the sun sings.

We all fell to our knees,
our defeat known.
We had fallen to their decrees.
They took what we own.

In chains they took us,
our wings sewn.
We left with no fuss,
our sadness grown.

We would not win.
We would not fight.
The fear to commit sin,
tied through our might.

We walked far,
tired and sick.
At night we followed the star,
the days playing a trick.

For years we walk,
without an end.
No will to talk,
our lives we cannot fend.

Our wings faltered,
wilted and dried.
Our wills altered,
our feelings we hide.

For centuries we remain,
in packs like things,
walking in chains,
trapped by the wings.


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