True Freedom


Locked and trapped,
By mind and state,
Promises, vows,
Are thrown away,
Love, happiness,
Lies, that's all,
Everyday we're used like dolls,
Everyday, in this dying world,
Where peace and war,
Change so bizarre,

And every time,
On every day,
We show a smile,
And tell our lies,
Not ashamed,
We want to fly,
With broken wings,
Colored with hatred and fear,
Wings that drag us down,
To a pointed spear,
They say it's our decision,
If we fly again or not,
But state and society,
Want a different plot,

But one thing is there,
In this awful world,
One thing we can believe in,
Other than words,
That is our eyes,
They are full of truth,
Regardless of whether they're brown, green or blue,
You can look in the eyes,
Of the people around,
And you will see,
What they're feeling right now.

What I wanted to tell you,
Was this little thing,
If you want to be free,
Believe in the eyes you see,
Not in society,
Or the lies they tell,
True freedom isn't the decisions they fell,
True freedom lies in heart and eyes,
In happiness, fun,
And the great blue skies,
I hope that we'll be free someday,
So that we can see the world in a beautiful way.


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