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Silence my words Silence them all Remove these heavy chains Your words are poisoning my veins
Memories float behind closed eyes, drifting dandelion seeds upon an invisible breeze, just beyond grasp.   Elusive as a dream, though numerous as the leaves on a tree,
Wind oh windYou are here todayGive me strengthGo through my heartCure it from its battleRun through my skinShow me how soft and loving you are!Wind oh windIam glad to know
  paper listens with out judgement no day comes when ink prints the page who   soaks up tears naked questions 
There once was a bride and the bridegroom, a tree a wedding ceremony with death as an attendee.   Death held the bride's arm, walking her down the aisle As he did , he whispered in her ear with a faint smile 
In the same way the moon lights up the sky when the sun is busy or how the grass sways when the wind breaks, ugliness, not beauty, creates poetry.
Sympathy lies as the stars align-coincide with the breath of humanity’s cryto become one with the stars and breatheout life. Come in, come in, but keep your hands at the sides.
I Have This Little Fire   I have this little fire. It’s deep inside of me. Sometimes it’s thin like wire, But others, thick as trees. This little flame is searing, It never leaves my mind;
I’m mining a tunnel Where to I don’t know Maybe next I’ll build a bridge But until then I am mining a tunnel As I mine I begin to wonder What will become of this?
My gift. My voice. A melody. A tune. A sound. Which then became Words recited rapidly And rhythmically.   I soon discovered It was a form Of p-o-e-t-r-y.
We are told as a teen to believe. To believe in childhood myths to boost our esteem That one-day they can release our fatigues in hopes to proceed,
English teachers often hearken back to simpler days And swoon over Shakespearean verse But the Bard’s sonnets often put my mind in a haze His archaic words scorning me like a curse
Poetry and I Are joined by a common thread Considered by some an obstinacy  But most appreciate the freedom To appreciate the worth in everything The refusal to take a side
Sitting in a library Pulling books, one by one Off the shelf, Reading, reading Shuffling forward, Repeatedly, repeatedly   Nothing fits,  Nothing clicks.
Because I could not stop for life He kindly stopped for me And in the carriage life and I And purest poetry   Life picked me up and showed me things I hadn't seen before
Woke up this morning terrified to speak my mind, guess you're wondering why?  So let's rewind back to this kid about four foot three, Being picked apart because he didn't rock jay's on his feet, 
Life is full of wonder, fulfillment and love, kindness from above, your life starts as a blank page, but as you go on it turns to a book full of poems, pages and pages that tell you a story.  
It Comes In Waves
You said nothing was worse than losing the one you love  I lie here dying while you take yourself apart like a house of cards  The light fades from my eyes whiles yours are burning brightly 
Poetry is an open letter that I never mean to send. Poetry is the escape that keeps my family from its end. It keeps my anger from building into a skyscraper,  and it keeps my heart from bleeding on my sleeve.
I'm not going to say your gut is endless, because there is a bottom. Sometimes you stomach is full, or empty it depends on where I go. A "picky eater" is a name,
Pain, fierce it stings just to think about it.Need, strong enough to kill unless you live without it.
The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” But I know that the 26 letters of the alphabet are what makes millions of those words. So, I use my words to create the imagery that's worth a thousand words.
English class is not for me   Essays and speeches I don't like to see   Grammar lessons Just let me be   Reading books Not my cup of Tea   But Poetry, oh Poetry
A wildfire, mind transpired.Burning leaves and flowers.My mind, a fiery shower.I think vivid. Lucid.Thinking of all the things you did.Traveling far off in the distance.
My Poetry is My Life How I convey My Strife This gift it comes from above It is the utensil in which I demonstrate my Love Sometimes it comes in Lyrical waves
College  College helps you decide your choice of study College isnt just about friends you depend on your self to want this career Never have fear to go to college
Under the waters of the deep blue sea I swam 'cross waters intrigued as can be The waves agreed to show me around; tide in my fawn I had time on my hands, for each day a new flavor
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