Life is full of wonder,

fulfillment and love,

kindness from above,

your life starts as a blank page,

but as you go on it turns to a book full of poems,

pages and pages that tell you a story.


Stories of laughter,

stories of tears,

stories that have put love in your eyes,

your life will give you doors,

doors of oppurtunities,

take a chance,

go through the door,

you will never know,

untill you explore.


Find your words,

discover new ryhmes,

write beautiful masterpieces,

making your life mine,

take chances,

take risk,

no one can judge you,

because this is how you choose to live.


Be yourself,

and live your life,

be bright and shine,

to show whats inside,

be all you can be,

because you only live once,

and show the world,

the your life.

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