Terrifying Peace

Woke up this morning terrified to speak my mind, guess you're wondering why? 

So let's rewind back to this kid about four foot three,

Being picked apart because he didn't rock jay's on his feet, 

As if it was a luxiary to look like the person next to me,

Consistently reminded of that H. U. R. T,

Mentally I was in a cage that I could not break free. 

So I began to think, if we're all human what makes me beneath thee?

Is it how we as people, tend to judge each other materialistically?

I'm not here to justify a thing.

Just wanna open the eyes of those that remain blind, 

To the signs that a change starts inside the mind. 

So again, I woke up this morning terrified to speak my mind.

Until now a change has arrived. 

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