Eclipses & Shadows

A wildfire, mind transpired.
Burning leaves and flowers.
My mind, a fiery shower.
I think vivid. Lucid.
Thinking of all the things you did.
Traveling far off in the distance.
Reminisce, sharpness like a pencil tip.
Keen views from the six.
Think Drake without the voice.
All this blasphemous noise.
Spit and spiral fire like it's poi.
Cortex traps a little boy,
physically, I'm a stringed toy.
To and fro, bus seat, front row.
Empty, next to me, skip the creepy looking black guy in the hoodie.
Scowl on my face, music in ear, properly in place.
Erase the world around me, 
Windows are like mirrors to my face.
I stare.
The world compared to the way my thoughts perceive,
at ease, I rest my thoughts, please.
Don't disturb me.
Beautiful things just pass me,
interesting things are always just blasphemy.
Actually,, my eyes twitch rapidly.
Passive aggressive. 
Poppin' contraceptives.
Dilate, increased perception.
I think maybe it's time I take these new steps, then....

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