There Is No Right Answer

Thu, 07/07/2016 - 19:48 -- pearly

Poetry and I

Are joined by a common thread

Considered by some an obstinacy 

But most appreciate the freedom

To appreciate the worth in everything

The refusal to take a side

Because there is no Right Answer


Poetry has no limits or binding rules

Rhyme scheme, meter, shape, and even grammar

Beautiful but not required 

Playing tennis without a net

Can be just as fun

And just as beautiful


Poetry allows me to love everything

Without having to put anyone in the wrong

Not like English with its warring Grammarians

Not like Politics where parties "can't" collaborate

Not like Math, which in calculus allows for infinite solutions

But is still just a tease because certain methods will always be non-negotiable

Not like music where musicians demean many of their comrades of different genres

Not like personal life, which people try to stereotype, "hate on", and take sides


My life's ambition to see some good within all people, situations, and ideas

Is very relieved to take a rest

While I am able to write in all poetic forms

And appreciate all work

Without being told I am wrong

I appreciate this

Because I know that in life

There is no right answer

There are many right answers


This poem is about: 
Our world


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