The only thing I've ever known

Fri, 06/10/2016 - 16:36 -- gwatson

Pain, fierce it stings just to think about it.
Need, strong enough to kill unless you live without it.

Hate, so that it never existed.
Love, passionate enough your heart can beat to it.

Battle, knowing that winning was never an option.
Recede, into a cocoon that became a shield.

Preventing, thoughts access to the escape hatch which is your mouth.
Time, healing is what they said it will do.

Memory, the last thing that becomes corrupted and twisted, that priority is put elsewhere.
Revenge, dark passion resounding below.

Regret, the only thing I've ever known.
Regret, the pain, need, love battle, recede, time, memory and most of all.

Regret regretting

Cast aside the husk that has become your body
Free yourself from necessities, and desires.

End all that has and will be you.



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