Slave Writer


United States
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Silence my words
Silence them all
Remove these heavy chains
Your words are poisoning my veins

Nearly 400 years ago there were slaves
Praying and hoping for better days
1863 there were no more shackles
No more tears, no more hassles

I hear voices from my ancestors slaves
They have awoken from their graves
Telling me we are still living in their slavery ways

We are living on this plantation
Filled with the devil's creations
He has clouded your minds
So you can commit these hateful crimes
Yellow police tape around the block
That mother's son just been shoot

Don't tell me to silence my words
I won't silence them at all
Can you remove my chains
They are suffocating my veins

You say that God is not a factor
You say the Bible is nothing but make believe actors
Thinking life is coincidental
And saying your body is no longer God's temple
I want to write poetry to open people eyes
You no longer have to hide behind his filthy lies

Close your eyes
Block out his lies
Follow my voice
Before the devil put you in a hearse
I haveone thing to say
Before you go about your day
Hold on to your freedom
And listen to Jesus

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Our world


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