I Have This Little Fire

I Have This Little Fire


I have this little fire.

It’s deep inside of me.

Sometimes it’s thin like wire,

But others, thick as trees.

This little flame is searing,

It never leaves my mind;

But my greatest fear is that its peak

Is something I’ll never find.


Akrasia filled, doubt contented;

Impulsive thoughts, time unrelenting.

Hours shot, and minutes wasted;

2nd place eaten, 1st only tasted.


This little flame has spirit,

And it longs for pastures green;

Some will say it seeks just chaos,

But its scorch burns only clean.

To fan its heat to reach new heights

Would do as much as shade at night;

For the true power of what’s inside,

Can only be deemed by in which it resides.


This quiet inferno is something that I pray will one day get,

A chance embedding itself into a never-ending set.

A chance to live its life in entirety,

To conquer its passions with unwavering sobriety;

Opportunity to overcome,

Hope to succeed for everyone;

To be a beacon for the world, and all who are to come.


I have this little fire.

It’s deep inside of me.

And by my final days on Earth,


I hope to see it free.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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