The Tree Marriage

There once was a bride

and the bridegroom, a tree

a wedding ceremony with death as an attendee.


Death held the bride's arm, walking her down the aisle

As he did , he whispered in her ear with a faint smile 

"My beloved the time has come, when you and the tree will be yoked as one".


She had no gown, merely sweatpants and a shirt.

No makeup, but a face covered in hurt.

She stepped on the stool next to the bridegroom

No happiness, no peace, just terrible gloom.


Then came the wedding bands,

On each was written "No hope"

The bridegroom's band on his arm,

the bride's around her throat.


She kicked the stool and down it went.

Death watched and cheered, then said "May your marriage and  new life be peacefully spent"

The bride's feet never touched the ground,

but she dangled by the bands that kept her and her bridegroom bound.


This poem is about: 
Our world


Tamia C.

This is also my first poem. :) 


Wow! This is pure talent hey...I like

Tamia C.

Thank you ^_^

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