'love' lgbt

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I start to confess my true feelings Because I love you   I laugh at your jokes  Because I love you   I fight back anxiety whenever you're around  Because I love you
it never took much for me to fall for your honey-kissed eyes, those rose painted lips, that ear-to-ear smile. all it took was that one moment
When the music stops, when the curtains close, when the audience has left the building, when the high wears off, when the fantasy is dimmed, and reality has come back to stay, it is you that has never left my mind.
She's right there, staring from across the room. I'm wondering if she knows. Wondering if my eyes tell a tale of longing for the affections of her.
There's a love of mine left hanging in the window. Like windchimes, it sings the saddest song in the wind of wonder. A wind of why's and who's left it there.
I never believed  For I never recieved  My sister, she always was a "hopeless romantic" Me, I only was hopelessly frantic I didn't understand crushes so I'd fake it It wasn't real, never thought I'd make it
If I told you that I saw a rose grow from concrete, would you call me a liar? Probably so. But what if I told you that the rose is in fact. You. You see, I know the story, the fragile, yet intricate details of you.
The galloping of the horse echoed through the forest. The heavy panting from the horse was over shadowed with shouts of command. 
In my dream was a rainbow. It sparkled like diamonds, fluttered a beautiful bright glow. And there she was, the woman of my dreams. She had shimmering skin, each piece fit together like a puzzle meant to be solved in less than 60 seconds.
Drop dead gorgeous, features strong, yet soft to the eye. A presence wrapped in truthful bliss. She is #wcw, nah, she is #wce. Everyday, I hit that IG heart, tryna get to her heart, knowing she hasn't been made aware of me, just social media me.
Love was always a question that ran through my head, Over and over will it repeat Violently and viciously it’ll follow to the bed.  
It started with darkness And whisper of love on her lips I was so deep in my head that when I got lost in her mood ring eyes
I once was told I was never to succeed, Because of my skin color and the way that I breathe. Although I am not privileged, Nor do I have eyes deep as ocean blues, I am human and I refuse to lose.
Freckles Specks tickling her face, in my youth we called them angel kisses.  Eyes Melting pots of amber, sometimes a crisp chocolate.  Hair
Bright upon the moonlight dwells an innocent crushed. Febel from the inside desiring the warmth. The warmthness that feels
Once upon a time, We were younger and we loved each other. You loved me freely, for the world to see, But I had fears so I loved you secretly. But you should know that I did. Know that even with the passing time
I think I was about seven when I learned to word gay. We were driving up to my grandparents driveway
Time is awaiting and i'm waiting and waiting Never a dull moment in a storm with you Am I wrong or Am I lost? Mixed emotions overbearing on my mind And it taking me some time cause this is new
If I was stranded on a deserted island, what would I take with me? I should probably choose something practical, water or fire. Some food or maybe something to create a shelter.
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