Curtain Call (Infatuation)

When the music stops, when the curtains close, when the audience has left the building, when the high wears off, when the fantasy is dimmed, and reality has come back to stay, it is you that has never left my mind. They say infatuation can last either 6 months to two years, but my infatuation for you has dimmed just like my fantasy. What's left of you is the real. No fantasy bullshit. Fantasies are ok until you place said person onto a ladder of expectations that they aren't meant to climb. To accpet instead of change is to truly love. Never would I want you to be anyone other than what God created you to be. Don't want the fire in your personality to fade. Never want that golden heart to tarnish under the influence of assholes druken with misery. God is great, God is good, cause here you are, here I am. No pressure, but if any pipe in this room cracked under it, to you I would give a diamond for each time you made me fall for you. But sadly, infinity is not enough.


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