Running Back on What I Lost?

Time is awaiting and i'm waiting and waiting

Never a dull moment in a storm with you

Am I wrong or Am I lost?

Mixed emotions overbearing on my mind

And it taking me some time cause this is new

I let you in and isolate you from me 

Now you vanish cause you think i'm unhappy.


My mind wrap around on what if's 

But time ran out when I saw your happiness

Afterwhile I figure I left your mind

And my heart fell like it was grind

Grind up into millions of pieces

In words that I couldn't explain 

My love for you was deep just like the blood in my veins


Time took its place everything heal

Found my way back to you like it was no big deal

First eye contact i made with you

It felt so surreal

Hearing your voice my heart sank to my stomach

And butterflies started to run back in again

Glad I found my lover and friend






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