She Is....

Drop dead gorgeous, features strong, yet soft to the eye. A presence wrapped in truthful bliss. She is #wcw, nah, she is #wce. Everyday, I hit that IG heart, tryna get to her heart, knowing she hasn't been made aware of me, just social media me. I give her compliments hoping to confiscate her with my charm, hoping she will double take should we meet by random reason. Turn back to me, say "Excuse me, can we go for coffee sometime?" I would say "Yes, let's go to Starbucks". We could sip frappes like the rich kids do, add some flavor to our once boring lives, cause we were all work and no play. All baggy eyed and messy bun, or hair that needed a trim, however you envision the picture. She would frame me weeks later for stealing her heart over conversations filled with smiles, dinner for two at any place we chose, cheering to our new love followed by glasses singing in harmony. Pardon me, I'm just wishing as I blow into this dandelion.

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Liked how you wrapped it up with the dandelion wishing concept. Wasn't expecting that. Good smooth flow and easy to read. 

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