In my dream was a rainbow. It sparkled like diamonds, fluttered a beautiful bright glow. And there she was, the woman of my dreams. She had shimmering skin, each piece fit together like a puzzle meant to be solved in less than 60 seconds. Excuse me miss, can we take a trip to the stars like Rose and Jack? Can I play you a symphony orchestrated from the strings of my heart? You're all I see in a world of madness, chaotic elements filling this earth whole on end. Somehow, you've intrigued me through seldom conversations. Let's take the halves of us, integrate them into wholes. This love will spin full circle. Take a peek into my soul. There are traces of indigo, a violent past of violet torment played through my violin. Yet you are a wonder through my lens, I capture the captivating beauty, a still shot for a lifelong reflection. I wanna spend the day alone with you. Netflix and chill night air. I'd see you become cold, wrapping you in a burgundy comforter, making you relax. Your eyes would meet mine, creating that beautiful tension racing against my heart. Can this be a start? A beginning that can lead to the finish line of an ending? Will you take me as I've presented myself? I'd have no problem cause your presentation is a gifted invitation. Salvador Dali told me time will tell........

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Our world


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