as happy as one can be

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The galloping of the horse echoed through the forest. The heavy panting from the horse was over shadowed with shouts of command. 

"C'mon boy" a hand ran through the horses mane "almost there." As the horse picked up speed, the rider slowly rose from his seat and began to lean forward. Anticipation coiled in his strong as he watched the tower grow closer, gripping on the reins with white knuckles he felt every nerve jolt with eagerness. 

"Whoa" The rider sat back into the saddle, slightly pulling at the reins, the horse began to slow down. The rider glanced around, greenery was everywhere however, there was no other sign of life. Over grown bushes and trees surrounded a aged tower, the vines had overtaken the towers walls and the over grown grass swayed with the breeze. An eerie ness fell on the two, the quietness of the field accompanied it. As they approached the tower's base the rider through his left leg over his right, landing off the horse with a small thud. He eyed the tower, the silence still heavy in the air, with his right hand gripped on his sword's handle the rider walked over to the tower and planted himself under the tower's only open window. 

He examed the tower's walls, his hands running over the stones he could reach. When he felt like he hand a strong enough grip, he place his right foot against the lowest stone. He reached out with his left hand and gripped the inside of a cracked stone, he began to pull himself up against the wall. It became rhythmic left hand, right foot, left foot, right hand. Left hand, right foot, left foot, right hand. Until he reached the windows ledge, in one quick motion the rider flung himself over and through the window, landing on his stomach. Not the most graceful of landings but it'll do. 

"HALT!" a voice called out, startled the rider jumped to his feet, drawing his sword his eyes strained trying to find the figure behind the voice in the darkness of the room. 

"I'm here for the princess." The rider stated, he slowly backed against what felt like the room's wall. "Show yourself!" he commanded, his grip on his sword tightened. 

With a strike of a match, the room slowly began to fill with light. His eyes adjusted, underneath the candle lit chandelier, stood a young girl. Her brown hair was picked up and she wore similar clothing to him, her right hand rested on her sword's handle. With a thud landed next to her another girl, smaller in size. Her blonde hair flowed freely, her dingy white dress was ripped to a shorter lengthen and she was barefoot. 

"You're here for me?" The smaller girl asked, moving so that she was somewhat behind the taller one. 

"Yes" his eyes watched the girl's hand on her sword "I was sent by your father to find your tower and bring you home." His eyes flickered towards the younger girl. "If I can bring you home safely, I am promised your hand in marriage."


"Well, you see..."

"I have already been saved." The younger girl motioned to the taller one. 

"Wait, what?" The rider dropped his defensive stand and retracted his sword. Confuse flashed across his face as he watch the smaller girl take the hand of the taller one off the sword handle and into her own. 

"She came for me months ago..." "Yeah, so you're a little too late." "Hey, don't be rude." 

The blonde hair girl sent a disapproving look to the brown haired girl, "He's our guest."

"Wait, I don't understand."

The brown hair girl cleared her throat, "Growing up, I heard stories of how a princess close to my age was locked away in a tower. The idea of being so alone broke my heart. I knew I had to find her, I knew I had to be the one to save her." Her hand squeezed the smaller's. "On my eighteen birthday and permission from the king I set on a five month long journey to find the hidden princess" 

The rider stood there, expression blank.

"I don't think he's taking it well." said the smaller girl, concerned. 
"Well, it's a lot to think about the poor man did ride many days and nights to get here."

Silence fell on the three and a few moments passed, until the man spoke again. The two girls could've sworn they heard the "click". 

"So, you two?"


"For how long?"

"For a few months now, I've stayed here with her until she felt comfortable enough to leave."

The man watched the smaller girl's face, "And you're happy?"

"As happy as one can be." The smaller girl tipped toed and place a kiss against the cheek of the taller one, the girl beamed with pride.

"Okay." The man shrugged and turned his back on the two, heading for the window.

"Wait, that's it? Just an okay?" The taller girl slowly followed the man.

"Yes, my people are very..." He searched for the word "...accepting. I am also a man of honor, you saved her first so who am I to come in and try to do the same." The man's left leg was placed over the window's ledge as he talked.

"We have a door y'know." The smaller girl pointed to a door, far off to the back.

"Ah, yes, a door."
"Please use it."

"Will do" The man hurried over to the door, his hand was on the knob when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
"Thank you" He turned around and was met with the smaller girl, she pulled him into a hug and the man, unsure of himself, replied "No worries" before hugging her back. When the two broke apart, the man signaled a goodbye to the taller girl, who sent back one of her own. And with that, the man continued out the door.

The two girls watched the man until he rode out of the clearing and back into the woods.


"Yes, my dear?"

"Stop leaving the window opened."

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