She's right there, staring from across the room. I'm wondering if she knows. Wondering if my eyes tell a tale of longing for the affections of her. Could her wink tell that she obliges my efforts to know a statuesque woman, with the demeanor of a cold shoulder? Hell done froze over. Her eyes so mysteriously intoxicating. She's blowing my cool cause my swagger shakes unsteadily as I make my way into her space. This place, this time I could never rewind. Stored in my mental is a photographic memory of your beauty staring back at uncertainty. I had begun to waiver in if I should pursue and persuade. Wading in a waddling sea between keeping too big a smile from forming, the other half of me wondering what to say after both feet rest comfortably. Your hello, so soothing, melting my mellowness into a malt of bubbling confusion. My mind rambles. "Oh no, she's so damn beautiful that I can't focus. Uhh.....what do I say? Can she tell I'm not as smooth as distance will allow?" In defeat, you sensed my weariness, never saw a woman so fine, and you were heading North of my South. Never could I wonder "what if" should this compass of the universe keep separation a permanent present. I call to you and you turn with that fire in your eyes again....... 

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I love this peom so much. It has inspired me to write a poem of such matters!

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