I Won't Give Up

Love was always a question that ran through my head,

Over and over will it repeat

Violently and viciously it’ll follow to the bed.


Every day was a pain,

Always hearing that same talk.

Listening kept me in chains,

Why must it be this way?


All the hate, all the impending rejection.

Years throughout I thought it was okay.

Seeing it as normality but all they thought was amorality.

Wishing it to not be true, hoping for a positive interjection.


In my life,

Negative thoughts surround me

Surrounding me in a dark cloud of ash.


Ever since that loss of hope,

I became lost.

I gave up, I couldn’t do it.

I knew they, my own blood, can’t accept it.


That was until I met you,

My flaws,

My laws,

My life,

My strife took a meaning again.


I will not lose, I won’t give in.

Why should I swallow down my pride?

My hope and my dreams for acceptance?


Why must I obey to the conformity?

Why must I have to back down?

The hateful glances,

My awkward prances,

I feel ever so anxious.


I remind myself I’m not alone,

I’m not alone


I have you, I have them.

It gave me all the courage I needed.

To break the chains, to break free.


They will not accept me

Violent outbursts may hit me

May I try, dare I try, I will try.


This year changed me,

Love had made me stronger,

Do not give out on hope.

Do not let your fears hurt you.

Do not let people bring you down.


Let go, let it all go.

No chains can hold me back,


I will not give up.

This poem is about: 
My family




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