It started with darkness

And whisper of love on her lips

I was so deep in my head that when I got lost in her mood ring eyes

I forgot about the blank galaxy that was missing my stars

I forgot that I was a star.

I forgot

The sun and moon were never meant to be.

I held her hand and the real world had never shined so bright.

She held my face in her hands, my heart in her pocket.

I was bright to her.

She had no idea how dark the world gets when the sun and moon collide.

She was the sun.

She smiled sun rays and burnt me with her brilliance.

I was the moon.

I was alone at night, only available to the insomniacs and those who were too lost in their own darkness, to notice that I was shining.

The sun and the moon were never meant to meet for long.

I wish that was something I had known.

My nights were bright and her days got darker.

The sun and the moon were never meant to be.

When she left, nights were dark again. Days were dimmer.

She took the light with her.

She took my light with her.

The sun and the moon were never meant to be.

She was bright.

Her light became harsh, her sun rays were no longer warmth

And her touch became repulsive

She was in every way,

A sunburn.

I am the moon

I am bright. I am ethereal.

I don’t need the sun’s reflection

For the world to see me.

I think I like my nights dark.

I put the stars back.

I lit my own sky.




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