True love

I never believed 

For I never recieved 

My sister, she always was a "hopeless romantic"

Me, I only was hopelessly frantic

I didn't understand crushes so I'd fake it

It wasn't real, never thought I'd make it

They thought I was silly, so did I but then

It's worse to submit your heart truly 

To give yourself fully

To be screamed at again

Love to me was just a fake thing

That you pretend to have

To lessen life's sting

Someone says they care only for show

Acting like there's no way you know

And shouting matches fill the air

Just for them to claim they care

It's impossible to think it's real

That love is something that they feel

When you're never the favorite 

When you're never the first

When you're taken for granted 

And treated the worst

It fills you so full of doubt you could burst

It's more fun to pretend that they're real-

Santa and dragons and people who feel

It almost let me forget about spite

I almost believed that it was alright 

I put on a smile everywhere that I'd go

I was kind and polite so nobody would know

Then one day of course it all had to change

I met this girl who was totally strange

She said that she wanted to sit by my side

I allowed her quite close but continued to hide

She told me her troubles and everything wrong

And soon I found myself talking along

My thick shield of smiles was shattered away

And I only show real smiles now, to this day

I stopped my pretending, and if you ask how

I'll tell you that it's because love is real now



This poem is about: 
My family


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