2016 All I Need

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All you need is love, But love for what? Is it a love for money? For power? For food? For another person? But none of these will help you survive   All you need is food.
Some say it would be a hell on Earth to live alone-- That life wouldn't be worth living if it was only a one man home. Others say, "Oh, I couldn't live without this or without that,"
Her mind lives in a beautiful oasis, A bright blue ocean, vast and lively. Filled with terror and past experiences. Roaming the halls for security.
We sit on a bench in Stuyvesant Town, stumbling into one another with words: Perhaps I am submerged in your heart like one of those pennies in the fountain; Perhaps that saxophone player does have
I remember: there was a day a sparrow fell from the sky and landed at my feet.   “Dead” my mother announced, pulling me closer and I looked up at her as if toward a building
a satellite phone is all that is needed to escape a deserted island when you're alone   at the fist sight of salvation you will know you have succeeded and you're soul will be filled with elation
All I Need If I were on an island, lost and alone, What would I need to make this strange place home? Some might say a cellphone, books, or ropes But I know what I would need the most.
Life, Love, Happiness. Three existential ideas All provided by The Giver, The one who breathes light Into dark.
All-powerful and mighty one, you sit so highly on your throne. authoritative over each beat, each flow. Oh king forever, you are the river of life, sustaining each cell, each breath, each pulse. Oh yes
And I ask What are you?   She replied I am many things I am eternal and nonexistent I am personal yet also objective I am sometimes lost when Death is present However
I refuse to live without Him. Time and time again He’s patiently lifted me up as I stumble  As a father does when His child learns to walk.   Sorrow. The kind that after the quake; comes in waves
Perpetual darkness was all I seeked It was all I knew Ugly hurt shaped my heart And sadness filled my core My insides so full of pain
Is it the way she stares at you while you comb your hair, Or the way she rushes you out of bed? The way she can make you regret every decision you've made, Even prove to you that you still care.
Enclosed within a lump of clay Molded by Nature's hand And placed within a cage With veins that pump with life Is a voice that cannot speak That cannot laugh or cry or seek A voice that cannot scream
Act I A tap at the door ... ... ... Oh how your gentle knocking stirs my pelvic floor! I pause my binging, And begin unhinging The door and myself...   Act II
   Not knowing what lies behind the secluded, shadowy, silence The lights chased each other across the walls, Creating a colossus of fear, I held on to from within because All I needed was the cold air resting me to sleep.
The question at hand, is not a simple one living with just one thing, is not simply done.  But seeing how this is what the poem is about  I'll give you my answer soon, without a doubt. 
A gift some can give I am eager to receive Knowledge is power.
All I ever needed was you All you had to do was tell me the truth Instead of doing all of that you put me through I was suppose to be someone you loved But yet you placed someone else above me
My eyes flutter open to a world draped in a haze a sight so unclear and undefined that I am left in a daze. I blink and adjust to the warm light peeking from my windows
Jack, the golden furred four legged friend He is what I cannot live without His loyalness and willing to defend He would be there in times of rout. Most people say diamonds are a girl’s best friend
All I need To survive the unknown Is a friend by my side And a place to call home
All I Really Need Laying down in a crib,  Crying. Mommy feeds me,  Mommy puts me to sleep. All I really need is my Mommy.    Laying down in the top bunk, Chicken Pox.
 If I was to ever be stranded, on an island, stuck. What is that one thing that I could not live without? Some people might say they can not live without their cell phone, some might say they can not move without their laptop.
He's the one who saved me, who took my sin, and made me kin, who gave me a new heart, He took the stone within me, and made me feel again, no longer just me, but us,
Day one, the sun is blinding and my mind is fuzzy, and all I know is that I am definitely, absolutely alone. I fall down in the sand, like an infant again,  stare off at the sea, start to cry.
  Growing up, everyday I would Walk up the stairs And pass the sign that says “All You Need Is Love.”  
Just as there can be no light without darkness and no joy without pain, A life without death would be a world drowned in vain.   For though death is painful and too hard to swallow,
I'm the last person you want to see.  But all else is empty. Barren. Desolate.  These words are just synonyms for the holes, the tears  In our continuum, in our lives. 
I cannot live with clouds that demand to be seen and stars that are covered over with falsely-applied beauty. 
 I cannot live with black skies that force darkness into hearts
StrandedBehind the miles of oceanSand piled up like hoursAnd dark just dark:     Empty.Just water, andSand, andDark, and    Me.And I needHow I needI need     Air
You are my fix, my remedy Your scent fills my lungs and makes my heart beat faster with excitement The thrill of feeling your texture between my fingertips, sometimes rough, sometimes smooth
Although stranded I may not be alone with the heart of a daydreamer and a handful of stars.
Faced with the ultimate question, If I were stranded, All alone, What would I bring  To make me feel at home? The answer is difficult, Not an easy task, What would I do,
Here to help, to stay, Brightens my grim and bleak day,  Loving 'till the end.
I’ve already devoted myself and my life to a cause that still may fall through but there would be no purpose to anything I do if I didn’t try.  
When you're diagonosed with a medical condition, it flips your entire world upside down. When your diagonosed with two medical conditions, it can be even more debilitating
I've never felt more at home, than with you.   If the apocalypse happened tomorrow  You'd hold my hand and say, "Baby the world is on fire, but it's okay".  
I would become mad if I were to listen to the blandness of an empty island and the white noises of nothing on my own solitude.  Hand me my earplugs, for the sounds of the shores have unsatisfied me.  I cannot relate to the harmony of the moon and
sand empty, devoid, uncaring sand and blue eyes a blur of heart, a flash of red   his hair like the sunset on the horizon, eyes like the sky just above
Years and years of searching For who I am and who I want to be. Traveling, relationships, friendships Each molding and shaping what is now me Here I am back where I started
It’s always there, protecting us when we meet someone new, or talk to a friend, or when we do anything. But it just isn’t us. No one is on the outside who they are on the inside.
A Steady Strong Head  Is all anyone should need For as long as you have such a Head The world most surely can't beat, The living daylight out of you   A strong steady head Will allow its owner 
Kisses smoother than French silk on my lips tastes like Caribbean chocolate. Purest flavor flown in straight from the island. Gingerly he would kiss me upon my cheek.
The first book I ever read was about a chicken and a wolf. The Wolf wanted to eat the chicken so the chicken hid until the wolf went away. I was five.  
If I were stuck on an island, I wouldn't know what to do. Without your touch, I wouldn't be in the mood, I could be alone on a beautiful island filled with food,but you would still be on my mind
I don't need your money, and I don't need your jewels You can keep your fancy house and your expensive car I don't even need a person, to jusitfy my self worth The only thing I really need is whats inside my self
What does a man need? Is it the feel of a cold breeze? Is it the cool taste of a fresh fruit? Is ihands as knotted as a tree's root?   Do you know what I desire?
What is the one thing I can't live without it is that smile his pale cheek stubbled with innocence and change what can't I live without is it an idea
O Sleep! How You fill my head with wonders! I succumb to the rest You bring, and the gratifying relief my tired eyes and my weary body long for, after a laborious day devoured by an unyielding world.
Faith. That's what I cant live without. It's what gets me through tough times or just gets me through the day. Living in a world with so much negativity makes it hard to believe in yourself.
A literal island swallowed up by sea wind that heaves silently, mute sand, and me. You ask me to tell you the thing that I’d need but I’m sitting her cross-legged elbows on knee, thinking damn
I still believe that I might be the difference That I might open my mind and crowd the planet with unseen opinions and theories That should I open my heart I would pour out new beginnings along with new horizons
In the forest of utter importance, I see five or six of my favorite oaks placed together, beautiful paintings plastered over their sides, Tree after tree, clustered,
Live life without hindrance, please sir It is something taken for granted, all should have None of us truly do… not even you, do you defer? Might as well do it now, it is only gonna get worse  
I can't stand humans-- too many expectations, too many emotions It's wasteful to hold onto mere items that can't become ghosts like me But whether I'm stranded on a tropical isle or
All I Need in this world, Is a simple bag. Not any normal bag however, But a magical bag. It’s not like it can fly or take me to another world, take me from an island.
Sideways Hope. Slanted and crooked Hope.  Hope with its broken teeth And dirty fingernails. "You're a fighter", it says and Yes, there is always a fight. But Hope never fights back.
Stranded on a lonely islandwith only one thing i bear,it will be with me like i need air.I carry it wherever i goFrom life to death, it always shows.It enables me to surviveand not just to survive, but to thriveyou see, knowledge is all i need.Eve
Why endanger what I love? Why torture what I love? If you love something, set it free. If you love something, let it be. Do not drag Blanky through the mud, Do not stain Blanky with your blood.
Live music is not a concept. It is not something you can hold in the palm of a sweaty hand until the night has ended and then release like a caged animal when the band has exited the stage
Without hope I am nothing I am weak I will give in to negativity I will not succeed Without hope I can’t succeed. With hope I am all my dreams I am strong I can achieve any goal
Adversity. Hardship. Strategy. The push I need. The idea that drives my reaction. Ability. Capacity. Perception. My capability to overcome. My unique perspective. Ambition. Devotion. Power.
All I need is love as trembles track through time. Clairvoyant charisma creeps between petite and elongated structures. As if the trembles and clairvoyance
If I was stranded on a deserted island, what would I take with me? I should probably choose something practical, water or fire. Some food or maybe something to create a shelter.
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