What Education Means To Me

Sun, 02/28/2016 - 17:34 -- Djaime1

The first book I ever read was about a chicken and a wolf.

The Wolf wanted to eat the chicken

so the chicken hid until the wolf went away.

I was five.


The first lesson I had learned was that you have to hide from the wolves.


but my Wolves aren’t furry.

They’re dressed in suits with plaques on desks that read

“Noble School Representative”


My wolves pretend to hide from me, a public school kid.

They like to pretend we’re not the same so they divide us.

They build their shelter using the bricks from mine.


I wonder if my school will be there by the end of the year.

If freshman will be able to write poetry like I did

If they will be huddled over laptops, watching the latest Button Poetry video,

In room 212


Or if  I’ll be able to visit Kelly in 5 years and it won’t read



The first lesson I had learned was to hide.

Pero, quiero aprender

So I’ll use this time to grow.


I’ve hid behind my school walls,

but I can’t anymore

because this public education never felt ‘cheap’

It gave me chance.

Education is an opportunity.

Education is a right.

Education should be a given.

That will always feel priceless.

Because the thing I need, should be a given.

The thing I need, is a right.

An opportunity.

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