All I Need Is This Here Duct Tape

All I Need

If I were on an island, lost and alone,

What would I need to make this strange place home?

Some might say a cellphone, books, or ropes

But I know what I would need the most.

It’s an ingenious little invention, seemingly innocent but strong.

In the right hands, it can do no wrong.

Silver and tacky, you are familiar with this creation.

It goes by the name of duct tape, and it shall be my salvation.

Look! What is that? Shipwrecked upon shore!

An entire crate of duct tape – my, what a score.

I can use it to make sandals, hats and gloves.

Heck, I can make a hammock to keep me out of the mud.

I can bind things and tie things and rope things I need!

Oh duct tape, you are a glorious thing.

I can make buckets for water and traps for food.

And a special rope for fire starting, so I never feel the midnight gloom.

Duct Tape!! What a wonderful creation!!

A thousand and one uses, it fills the mind with elation!

I hark back to shows I’ve seen and experiments I’ve done

When faced with challenges like this, I am never one to run.

I shall carve out a living, making it on my own,

Crafting, surviving, discovering new skills to hone.

But in the end, I shall look to the sea,

And find that rescue has come for me.

Drawn by my signals, my fires and such.

All held together by – can you guess what?

 Duct tape, of course! The creation of all creations!

Once again, it has saved my bacon.

So, to end it plainly, in answer to the question.

If I were stuck on an island,

My tool is the instrument of creation.

The wondrous duct tape, strong and firm.

An invaluable resource,

An all-purpose tool

It has served me well thus far.

And may it serve me well forevermore. 


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