What Truly Matters.

Fri, 04/01/2016 - 20:52 -- NTM

The question at hand, is not a simple one

living with just one thing, is not simply done. 

But seeing how this is what the poem is about 

I'll give you my answer soon, without a doubt. 

whatever I bring, It would have to matter.

If I was without it, My life would shattter. 

My answer is not a object that is shiny, or gleaming

It is something that gives my life its meaning.

If I lost this, I would be in complete agony.

My answer is in fact my entire family.

For what is living life if there is no one to live for

Living a lonely life will leave one's soul sore. 

Don't you see life is more than the things we own

The emphasis that "objects matter," is way over blown

Life is about the relationships we build.

It'll give you happiness, and with joy you'll be filled. 

You could argue that family is more than one thing

to that I say, "It is not how it seems."

Only ONE thing can be brought and that if for certain

and my family consists of more than one person

but I would not count the people individually 

because when we come together we are ONE family.

My family is what I definitely choose

For my family is something I could never lose.










This poem is about: 
My family
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