What do you need?

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 16:23 -- Davrus

All you need is love,

But love for what?

Is it a love for money?

For power?

For food?

For another person?

But none of these will help you survive


All you need is food.

But is that really enough?

While you may be living,

Will you really be alive?

Food will run out

Just like love runs out

And when it does,

You're all alone again


All you need is money.

But what good is money

If there's nowhere to spend it?

If you can't use it,

Why even have it?

Just cuz it will help you in life,

Doesn't mean it will help on an island

Cuz you can't buy a boat

When there's no one to sell you one.


All you need is...

There's no way to answer that question

As it all depends on the current situation

In life, I would argue money is everything

If you have the resources,

You can do what you want

You can buy what you want

You can go where you want

And you can do it all whenever you want


But its not always true what they say

Just because there's a will,

Doesn't mean there's a way

And just because there's a way

Doesn't mean you can take it.

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