Poetry about Donald Trump

I can't wrap my head around the phrase "make America great again" Our history is drenched with blood 
A deep burn,  An ember in my chest. You left me, a witch on a stake, Crackling.  
"Make America Great Again" For who? The rich, white, Christian men?
   Donald Trump says he’s going to make “America Great Again”Well I’ve decided to make a stand.I’ve always tried to look at the world fro
The man we hate is riseing acully not we,the entire world.
Something’s not okay  I can feel it in the atmosphere   Every breath I take is 5% oxygen and 95% fear  
Roses are red, Violets are blue, You know I hate, Donald Trump too. Roses are red, He wears a wig,
Dread is his main trait. Obtain is what he wants to do with America. Not is what he tells anything.
Roses are Red My shoes are blue you smell like pee your son do to your breathe hot like the sun you better run cause i got my gun and i a