Poetry about Donald Trump

They look down upon us and Scoff, chuckle, take us for fools.
I can't wrap my head around the phrase "make America great again" Our history is drenched with blood 
A deep burn,  An ember in my chest. You left me, a witch on a stake, Crackling.  
"Make America Great Again" For who? The rich, white, Christian men?
   Donald Trump says he’s going to make “America Great Again”Well I’ve decided to make a stand.I’ve always tried to look at the world fro
The man we hate is riseing acully not we,the entire world.
Something’s not okay  I can feel it in the atmosphere   Every breath I take is 5% oxygen and 95% fear  
Roses are red, Violets are blue, You know I hate, Donald Trump too. Roses are red, He wears a wig,
Dread is his main trait. Obtain is what he wants to do with America. Not is what he tells anything.