Poetry about Donald Trump

Our President-elect in Donald J. Trump. Boy, did we ever get kicked in the rump!
Looking in a mirror I see myself a year ago from today, Different Hair, different nail color, different clothes
I can still hear the cheers and tears of happiness I can still see the crowds in the streets chanting his name
Everybody who has trouble in their lives try to search for their own answers
If there's one thing I should start with it's this.
A radical Oompa Loompa or a Wealthy little liar… Ah I can’t decide; I think my brain is on fire!
They Thought They Could Trust   When my dog Henry runs to me, leaps over my legs
Art has opened my eyes Asleep and un-aware Control was an illusion A year went by Now 2017
This past year  I reflect that event  Where our new president-elect  Became Donald Trump.