Poetry about Donald Trump

                                                              Your skin gets you promoted
   Your skin gets you promoted My skin gets me deported
2016, What a year to be alive Shoutout to Future, I don’t think those lyrics will ever die
My President is Me. That means that he black. That orange dude that y'all elected? Man, he wack.
Many voices cry out in agony, Many voices are left out. Many voices are heard in the outrage,
Now who am I to say that I am learned beyond my years In time and blood  the holy flood
Donald J Trump is the President My President. I am terrified
Free That was The promise Graduation Brought to the table Freedom to be myself
January Cold air and snow My favorite season The music is so loud you can feel the ground shake
As I look back this past year At my old reflection I see a girl who was worried about what others thought of  her