Poetry about Donald Trump

Land of the free home of the brave Try and say it at Trayvon's grave
November 9, 2016, 00:00, you open nytimes .comand the American map glaring back at youis red,
BLACK with no Regret    I'm Black With No Regret And maybe my shoulders scream it too
Being born on US soil means your life has more value Hate special snowflakes, unless it’s Matthew
Progression is defined as a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state 
  America. Quick to announce accomplishments, yet hesitant to act on anything that may cause an uproar.
"Never again" History's a cruel mystery But how clever a pen Cinema's sentiment's more cinnamon-sweet
I clutch the gun and remember my word is my weapon I’m almost out of ammo The ink is starting to run thin  
Freedom isn't just the freedom of choice  It's about leaving an impact, with words and your voice
Red white and blue   Not any different from the colors of me and you