Poetry about Donald Trump

Donald Trump has 306 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton has 232.Hillary's supporters are causing violence and that is
Donald Trump was elected president I am happy this year Before the election I was happy
Ready for my future I'm tired of waiting, I'm really tryin' but I can't be patient But I can't really even be excited,
Independence Day, log 3: 7:25 AM CST, 2016     If I wrote a letter to Donald Trump I would ask him:
The time has arrived for a new leader in America's society. Donald Trump is the selected candidate to be president.
I'm white Donald Trump is Daddy
I’m speechless but I must write.
"Oh my gawd,had you seen her outfit...." I roll my eyes.
it's usually an exciting time to vote letting voices be heard by casting votes
I have both found myself and lost myself in a year.  I found myself in performing.