Poetry about Donald Trump

“A time comes when silence is betrayal”When the government's stops telling you what is happening you are doomed to an endless life of mis
Donald Trump has 306 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton has 232.Hillary's supporters are causing violence and that is
Donald Trump was elected president I am happy this year Before the election I was happy
Ready for my future I'm tired of waiting, I'm really tryin' but I can't be patient But I can't really even be excited,
Independence Day, log 3: 7:25 AM CST, 2016     If I wrote a letter to Donald Trump I would ask him:
The time has arrived for a new leader in America's society. Donald Trump is the selected candidate to be president.
I'm white Donald Trump is Daddy
I’m speechless but I must write.
"Oh my gawd,had you seen her outfit...." I roll my eyes.
it's usually an exciting time to vote letting voices be heard by casting votes