Poetry about Donald Trump

Bubbles are dangerous- now, let me explain. Not the nostalgic solution, Innocence and iridescence
I am A woman Belittled Degraded Insignificant The consequences of my Gender  
People were buzzing Did you hear, did you hear what he said   They were tweeting 
Do we trust him NO Do we like him NO Is he safe controlling the country NO
We need to unite as a nation
  You know what grinds my gears I have a little brother who I must force to comprehend the fact that in this day and age BLACK LIVES DONT
It’s Not About Me Melissa Bruno-Piverger  
2016 was a bit of a revelation 
I have never know what it's felt like to be heartbroken 
Trump. I Said it. I bet it tasted sour. Did it roll off your tongue with mercuric ease?