Was America Great To Begin With?

   Donald Trump says he’s going to make “America Great Again”Well I’ve decided to make a stand.I’ve always tried to look at the world from the bright side,but lately the world has been in a bad time.The government tries to hide something that everyone clearly sees.I thought the race factor was becoming a small issue, but the term that Americans use to describe America has been misused.Freedom is starting to become a recurring issueThe fact that there are so many innocent people in prison due to an inadequate government,or the reason why police officers are killing the minority and getting away with it.Maybe it’s the fact that the government is too busy worrying about letting Muslims in and ignoring the factors that are really important.Like making more jobs, and lowering our debt,or maybe they should stop trying to go to war and make peace.America is starting to crumble.Our government is starting to tumble.Let's start to fix our issues, so the term of freedom won’t be misused. 

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My country



You state a few blatant problems in our nation, yes, but here's the question that all these angry Americans can't answer; how do we solve them? The government isn't a genie that grants the American people every wish they desire. Why is there debt? Because of us, the people. Why is there government corruption? Because of us, the people. Why is there racism? Because of us, the people. We make the government; we allow it to persist, so if there are issues in it than we, the 300,000,000 people who are not politicians and who aren't stuck sitting in bureacratic offices, are the ones who need to change it. The politicians aren't some alien beings; they are people just like us: which gets to the root of the issue. The reason bad stuff happens is because of every man's corrupt and sinful heart. We can't find the answer because we look in the wrong places; in fact, we can rarely realize the true issues because we follow the incredible influential delusoins the media sparks up. It is us, every human on Earth, that brings hate and destruction and poverty and evil into the world, not just the government or any other force. If we want to change these issues, we need to turn to God and straighten up our lives, 'cause trying to get the speck out of our brother's eye is useless when we have a plank in our own.

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