My American Dream

My country, ‘tis of thee

Dead land of liberty.

Of thee I sing;

“Where is the equality?”

Land where my culture died

On every mountainside

Please let freedom sing




Really? No one?! Alright, I guess I’ll be the one to speak up then.


*Clears Throat*


Brothers and sisters, lend me your ears!

Listen close to what you’re about to hear.

The American dream we fought for has just died.

We’re losing family members here on the West side.


Tio Paco’s dead,

a Racist trump is at the head

Of this Sinking ship

That we call the U.S.S. of A.


This cancerous USA

Has a bigoted mentality of “my way or the highway”

which is a pretty common phrase to say

if we’re on issues that are religious-ly, politically, or socioeconomically.


Now, before I keep going, let me

remind our friend up here one little thing.

Lady Liberty, please remember to zip your lip

cause our people here don’t want to hear you rip-


*Lady liberty tries to walk off stage right*

*Speaker tries to stop Lady Liberty* 


Please please, please

Please come back on stage

We need you in America

You're one of the few things that's good left

That we have here in this country

We really need you right now, please


Lady Liberty: Fine


Speaker: Thank you


But please lady liberty,

cause our people here don't want 

to hear you rip about the issues of a woman's right.


Uncle Sam: Like What?



Well Uncle Sam, glad you asked because you see

Every year they have to fight to drill in the conception

that the choice of abortion

wasn’t about the murder but how it's a contraceptive

but Uncle Sam I know you're not that perceptive

and neither are the rest of you.


And it was pretty evident

that when it came to choose a president

there would be no tolerance

for the opposing stance.

You were either the “racist Trump supporter”

or the “Clinton Commie Tree-hugger”


But all the riots that we saw on TV

from NY to UC Berkeley

we forgot one simple thing

“United we stand, divided we fall”


So, por favor, escuchame atentamente (Translation: please, listen closely)


Uncle Sam:

Whoa, Jose Luis, relax, this is America, SPEAK ENGLISH.



Jose Luis. Jose Luis!? Amigo,

Jose Luis es mi hermano

Yo soy Jesus Bravo!

America? Callate Tu!

Did you forget where you come from?

America was founded by immigrants too.

We should be welcoming the newcomers with open arms!

Not building up a wall, kicking them out,

and threatening them with firearms!



Jose Luis. Jose Luis!? Buddy,

Jose Luis is my brother

I am Jesus Bravo!

America? You shut up!

Did you forget where you come from?

America was founded by immigrants too.

We should be welcoming the newcomers with open arms!

Not building up a wall, kicking them out,

and threatening them with firearms!)


We keep preaching that America, the one thing that makes it great is freedom.

"Freedom is what makes it great!"

but we forget that the racism and ignorance is what makes our country hate.

Tell me, Uncle Sam, is it really "Land of the Free"?

Cause I don't think so.

I see more "Land filled in poverty!"

land of the free? more like land riddled in obesity and heart disease.

land of the free? more like land with no equality, have became less scholarly, and rather join a gang to make a few robberies

now, it's land of the afraid, home of the mentally enslaved (and that what really bothered me). 


But that’s not all, Ladies and Gentlemen.

We let the color of our skin

decide where we will fit in

and choose what lives to live

but I’m here to say vocally 

that I don’t give a damn

that I, a Hispanic man

do not fit in perfectly in the standards society has set me

I choose not to conform to this

but instead reform 

these outdated mindsets

and that have kept us personally incarcerated


speaking of incarceration Uncle Sam

that’s another problem with our nation!

we make up a quarter of the globes inmates!

And it's pretty sad that we advocate

this system's adult babysitting

instead of concentrating on educating

so we can be making a better citizen

instead of drug dealing to the innocent


It's just sad man. 

But hey, as they say

Everybody's gotta hustle, right?

Everyone's gotta hustle

To get that nice, big house 

white picket fence

nice, clean cut grass

but, all those hustlers

They're so dense

Because I feel the need to scream



Should not be built upon

the drugs, the greed, or the human trafficking. 


But you know what?

Everybody's gotta hustle

Everyone's gotta hustle in this country

Everyone's gotta drug deal to the innocent

human trafficking, whatever it takes.

Cause hey

we all know at least someone 

who is doped up or smoked up on all the crack or cocaina (Translation: Cocaine)

Just one more hit, one more hit

until they’re finally asleep, six feet deep

Only to be woken next week

being robbed by some creep.


But as I mentioned, all around, that everybody's gotta hustle hustle

look at all this muscle Uncle Sam got on, 

but he's looking into this funhouse mirror.

cause he totally forgot

All of Ronald Mc Donald’s 99 cent grease

has made you morbidly obese.


Look at you man!

Ever heard of a gym?



I'd like to end this star-spangled red flag song with another tune:

A one, a two, a one two three

Oh say, can you see, that

this land was your land,

this land was my land,

but now, it no man's land

our motto was freedom

and the motto has misled them

cause the real saying here is join or die

and I want all of you to look me eye to eye

and agree with me on one thing.

Never tread on me. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Hope you keep writing your mind and heart! Please keep sharing! 

Also there is an urgent matter to end modern day slavery today is national anti traficking day. Let us end world slavery, go sign the petition to make congress act. Look up International Justice Mission. 

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