Thoughts of a Niggah


Sleepy the Woke Poet on this sheet niggah

I stand up for what’s mines

I can not take a seat niggah

and its a cold world

so I pack heat niggah

blow it one time

and all my monsters retreat niggah

carry protection

cuz nobody else protecting me

don’t step in the church

cuz they hypocrites and rejecting me

These crooked police wont even say why they arresting me

You say reasonable suspicion

but tell me why are you suspecting me?

government some shit

 don’t even care bout what’s affecting me

Donald Trump for president?

you better off electing me

Sleepy for President!

and ima represent

all my hood residents

at least then we’ll no where all the countries money getting spent

what ima spend it on?

trees to be planted

that got that loud scent

ima put DC up on the map niggah

turn the whole white house to a trap niggah

put my face up on the dollar

so you see me when you shoot craps niggah

and ill be the first black president that raps niggah

the police gone be all my niggas holding straps

at least then

they won’t be shooting at the handicapped

at least then

they won’t be shooting at kids wearing hoodies

at least then

we’ll have black people in the juries

at least then

everybody would be treated equal

cuz as of now

we still having Rodney King sequels

wont me to say that all lives matter

but all lives not be taken when police bullets scatter

y’all not the ones getting wrongfully beat on camera

gotta scream I Cant Breathe

hoping it’ll get heard by the dispatcher

y’all get arrested its al glitz and glamour

we get arrested we gotta take mugshots with our jaws fractured

slamming us on concrete putting the knees in our chest

when did you’re hurting me start sounding like resisting arrest?

when did the color of my skin start making me a suspect?

and when did me lifting my hands up start to make me a threat?

but what would I know

I’m just a niggah from the hood

and since my jacket got a hood

then I’m up to no good

but what about when they wore white hoods

lynching us in the woods

is it the niggah in me or that shit not understood?

and they still got the right to wear that shit

but we not gone ever have the right to wear our skin I swear that shit

God bless America

God bless America

land that I hate

stand beside me and guide me

into Section 8

ask me how do I describe my day

I say hell

the weeping and the fire and the smoke from bullet shells

but at least in hell you know that you deserve it

been through so much hell on this earth I know that Heaven’s worth it

the way this nation set up ill be getting there kinda early

but I’m cool with that I heard them gates are white & pearly

but once I get there first thing ill ask is God bless america

God bless America

it’s a horrific area!


This poem is about: 
My community
My country



You ain't sleep to me!

writer with a heavy pen

Yo, this is amazing!!



Your peom is incredible, truthful, and heart breaking. You're for sure nowhere near being sleep. 

Nagilia Melendez

Fists up


Yesss sleepy this is so good


This poem so dope, yo message so true. Absolutely Trump got to go he is hurting the most of us the true ones who built america from the ground up

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