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Kim Kardashian. Taylor Swift’s new guy. Magazines and Social Media  flow in like the tide,
Without the filters, I am me. With the filters, I am me. The substance in my mind, Beneath my skin, Running through my veins, Pumping into my heart, Is me.
The lies the world tells of us, The lies we tell ourselves, The lies we paint on our faces, The lies that dictate who we become.   A world that watches every angle,
Lost in a forest of expectations
Sharpen your jawline with a piece of sandpaper. Try not to break the skin; grime will settle into your blood and spread like poison, and you're here to fix you, not the opposite.
Big eyes,
My cousin is 10 years old skin and bones and she thinks she’s fat. Isn’t there something wrong with that?   From the moment we enter this world we are force fed images of what “true beauty”
Cold and wet and hungry and this blanket isn't doing anying.
Nothing exactly special
She shut the door in my face
What is my purpose in this world? To take up space, to be a filler in an empty place. The idea of existence has always been confusing, Am I here to succeed? Or will I end up losing?
It’s hard to think positively
I am optimistic and creative I wonder what is beyond the universe I hear voices I see opportunities I am optimistic and creative   I pretend to pretend I feel inventive
Who am I when nobody can see? Behind closed doors and darkness, I am truly me. Guarantee.   I am the one with the big heart. You know…? The one that always ends torn apart.
In a dream of yesterday I see I am not he I was born to be. Diluted and changed, I'm now someone Who's merely a speck beneath the sun.   Altered by those who promised me good,
  We live in a world full of people,
They say that I'm an old soul that I'm wise beyond my years.
RAW Who knew you could lie to yourself by posting a picture? Who knew you could be denying yourself, Just to appeal to Misters Misters that don’t make a difference. Trying to find someone who’ll
My family used to have a fish tankfilled with cute little fishiesthat were more of a hindrance than a convenience:clean the tank clean the tank clean the tankmy parents chanted, a laborious prayer
They say I have big eyes So I can see truth through your lies They say I have big lips So I can speak my mind
Shall I compare me to a wretched night? The tinder of my mind’s bone dead and dry, And the lightning’s wrath doth set the for’st alight. Tis’ a wonder that one would not die!
I've always been called beautiful Not expected to be smart But to be conceited I value my appearance
History repeats itself it's why we're here again. Black versus white but this time it's times ten. We need to be aware  that this gon' get us nowhere. No! It's not him, her, or them; 
I am dull
An escape from reality A world that I can explore at any time or place
Oh Hello. Hi. Uhm.. How do you do? I'd like to introduce myself to you. What you see is average.
The first thing a young woman learns,Is to criticize.We are taught to see only our imperfections.We are taught to look into the mirror and self destruct.We focus on our faults.Of course we taunt others..
  Just another black boy
 “Look at her belly,” hisses a girl to her friend, staring me up and down. They gawk, unable to process this.
To the World Im just another Black Male,  Everyone assumes I am going to fail,  Troubled, violent, ghetto, stupid,   In reality I'm undisputed,  just another stereotype is how they see me,
  I am a recovering pessimist, Se​asoned with jadedness, Topped off with some obnoxious realism.   My first language is sarcasm I am well versed in profanity I am a maker of things
Vintage, Vignette, All of these aesthetic filters. But nothing is nearly as attractive As the original.   For it's a tough job to do, To mask the truth.
These days We seem to rely on instagram and apps They "fix" our features
I will always be a child I tend to run into people from walking too long in my daydreams I chase the bird that doesn’t want to be caught I love the boy who always seems too far away, or too busy to talk
You ask who I am, No filter? Just a girl , interrupted, Off kilter.   I am sweatpants and no makeup, Eating ice cream after breakups, I am a world traveler in my mind,
Looking in the mirror I see many things those that vary from style to emotion and such in between Front view camera #Flip
Everybody sees me--                                     At least, they think they do... Everybody loves me--                                     but not they way I'd like them to...
they say the eyes are the window to the soul,   maybe that explains why hers are so cold.   she stumbles through he world each and every day   hoping to soon find her way.
Knowledge grows,But so does temptation.Sometimes, that’s what ruinsOur younger generations.  
Who am I, without a filter?
I see you
There comes a noise I hear. I wonder if it's here. It screeches and yowls and it only comes at night. Night is cruel unlike a brave knight. Someimes I feel like the noise is an eye.
A crystal clear glass of water, pure and refined
I am from color From different medias I am from different shades and tints Thick, thin, smooth and shiny textures Of different hues Lots of shapes and sizes Of what others could use
Who do you talk to when there is no one to talk to? I guess you talk to yourself, but then you're crazy... right?
My name is Richie, but I’m not rich. Learning is where I get my niche. Some say that I am very smart, But, that’s because I work hard.   A doctor someday I want to be,
Acne , Dark spots , Hair real hectic I'm still beuatiful without the filter i accept it I may be a little rough around the edges seeking havoc causing damage menace to society
And every second now is as hard as two seconds then.  Knowing theres 86,400 seconds in a day, youve fought 172,800.
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