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Voice A (Softly) My car broke the dam And the rain just kept coming down Adding to the flood  Coming down Voice B (Calm but louder than A) A surge runs through the crowd
My world is crashing, I start to cry. I feel as if I’m going to die. My thoughts are racing, I cannot think. My life’s a mess, a tragedy. Heart starts pumping, I cannot breath.
I am stronger than I think I amI am my biggest criticI am the worst artistI am the worst singerI am the worst studentI am a horrible friendI am a horrible poetI am my own destruction
Because I love you I lost myself and another too I let you change me Without staying true Because I love you I let you do Whatever you want I then become blue Because I love you
I don't want a Knight in shining armor I don't want someone who is going to "fix me" I am DAMAGED. and I am okay with that. I need a person...ANY person...who will take me for who I am. In ANY state I am.
** this poem serves as a voice for those that may struggle to express their depression/anxiety. fill in the blanks with the name of your choice.  
When I first met him all my current worrys seem to fly away like a bird. I seem to find other things to worry about other than life.
Living with anxiety is like living with a gun to your head and a bomb strapped to your chest. You can’t eat. You can’t breath. And you’re so tired but this bomb won’t let you rest.
I have fire in my mind Ice in my heart Light in my eyes Darkness in my soul My demons consumed me And spit me whole I found the truth In loss of control
You're not even a thing! I can't even touch you! You cause my sleepless nights and my early wakeups! You're always there! lingering at my bedside singing a lone note in the darkness!
Dear sailor, how bright were the stars last night? Did you watch them dance like embers  in their everlasting fight against the darkness? Or were your eyes focused below
can’t tell people anything they think i’m crazy i guess i am but all i need is someone to listen and understand without having to plead
Clawing and screaming, my head break in two. My heart is racing and it's attached to you. I try to break away but we are badly infused. A monster only seen in Sci-Fi videos. I want to cry and I wish to die.
  The greater the struggle, the greater the hope, the greater the story. The greater the struggle, the greater the hope, the greater the glory.   For better or for worse, till death due us part from this planet,
It’s that punched in the stomach about to throw up stressed out kind of feeling That way they looked at you made your skin crawl kind of feeling That kiss you never saw coming and by the time you realized what was happening
Dear SAD,   Unwelcome friend, we meet again, “Longtime no see”………….but not nearly long enough, believe me. In fact, I really wouldn’t mind if you didn’t come around anymore.
When I'm on the inside from the outside I'm still on the outside in the inside Where my money is no good Or I speak with a tone that's foreign to hood Either way they expect me to be the same
i sat at a red light in my girlfriend's car and yawned. before i could react, she poked her finger in in my mouth and laughed. i remember my dad telling me how he used to do that to my mom when they were dating in college.
Is this my final fight is this my breaking point is this the moment i let go   if i cant hear the music  and the audience is gone i guess i can just dance alone  
A mad man SCREAMING FOR THE HELP IN THE ENDLESS DARK CREVICES OF MY SOUL AND DESPAIR THAT CLAWS AND RIPS THROUGH THE THROAT...  ..and it mumbles like the stretching of the skin. Gurgle, Gurgle, dead. 
7/07/13 A troubled past Lessons learned Drenched in pain Gained strength   Years have come Years have gone Everyday A fresh new start  
She gets upset when people askWhat the eye-catching marks,Are?She gets upset when people stare,Because she doesn't want attention.She doesn't think it's a bad thing,
Roses are red, Violets are blue, You once loved me, And I once loved you.  But time after time,  We screamed and we cried, Now the roses have wilted,  and the Violets have died.  
See I’ve always been told that patience is a virtue,
I made it! I'm in!   Eighteen and the best. 
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