I Am

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 17:36 -- Cryink

I am stronger than I think I am
I am my biggest critic
I am the worst artist
I am the worst singer
I am the worst student
I am a horrible friend
I am a horrible poet
I am my own destruction
I am my own murderer
I am my own anxiety
I am my own problem
I am not worthy
I am a mess
I am a failure
I am this
I am okay
I am successful
I am organized
I am the most worthy
I am a solution
I am a fixed disorder
I am my savior
I am my own builder
I am a great poet
I am a best friend
I am the best student
I am an amazing singer
I am an astounding artist
I am my biggest critic
I am stronger than I think I am

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Our world


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