Victim of Anxiety

My world is crashing, I start to cry.

I feel as if I’m going to die.

My thoughts are racing, I cannot think.

My life’s a mess, a tragedy.

Heart starts pumping, I cannot breath.

What’s going on?  I can’t conceive.

My sight goes blurry, I cannot see.

I don’t understand what’s happening to me!

Why me?  Why now?  Couldn’t it wait?

They always come when it’s too late.

I’m all alone staring into the night.

Something touched me!  I’m not crazy, right?

No, there it was, I saw it’s eyes!

It’s coming closer, I’m gonna die!

Breathing gets harder, my chest is tight.

It moved again!  I’m sure I’m right!

Please someone help, it’s coming for me!

Or maybe it’s just my anxiety.

My plague, my curse, it grasps me tight.

And I’m too weak to try to fight…

I push and pull, I try to get free.

but it’s iron grip has ahold of me.

I’ve lost the fight so I give in,

It pulls me under, the anxiety wins.


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