My Battle With Patience

Sat, 09/05/2015 - 19:01 -- T-Truth

See I’ve always been told that patience is a virtue,

But one thing they never told me was too much of it can hurt you,
They never told me of the pain it brings , 
They never told me of the crazy things,
The crazy things that are virtue of what patience is,
And now, now I feel it,
I feel it poking through the thick skin i thought i had , 
Twisting , turning my insides and, 
Pushing and pushing and pushing,
These times i thought i was comfy high above on a cushioned cloud in the sky,
But to only now realise , that patience was telling me a lie,
Patience told me i was doing well but why do i feel like their walking over me as i lie,
Lie here telling myself I’m been patient and thats good thing , 
Meanwhile I’m internally bruising,
Patience told me not to jump to conclusions based on my first instinct, 
But my first instinct turned out to be correct but realisation happened too late,
And now i had to watch the closing of the gate,
Patience told me it wasn’t the right time, 
But how did i end up taking a left turn when i was on the right line,
Patience tells me whats mine will become mine,
But why does it feel like its the enemy and I’m fighting on the frontline
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Emefa Agbavor

Amazing I enjoyed this 💜 is there an audio an somewhere

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