When I first met him all my current worrys seem to fly away like a bird. I seem to find other things to worry about other than life. I worried if when he was in the car did he put his seatbelt on if he blew out the candle before he went to sleep if he knew he was loved. I worried every second I wasn't with him. Then when we went to dinner I was more worried about the fact that something bad could happen at any second that I was worried about eating. Now it seems when I'm without him I think I'm going to lose him because I just simply do anything just to keep them safe. If I'd have an option and make sure to have him buy me every second of the day but then he might just get tired of me. One day I'm going to be more worried if he gets to work on time the kids woke up for school early enough if we have enough money to send them to college. But for now I'll just keep worrying if he uses the seatbelt if he blows out the candle and if he knows he's loved

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